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As you noticed, we have two pre-made design templates available for you right now. But, starting next week we will begin adding one new template *every week* — with dramatically different styles and layouts.

Don’t forget that your designer (or our team) can add customized templates for you easily. Email me if you’d like more information on having our team design for you.

On the new feature front: we have updated most questions’ ‘advanced options’ to make them less obtrusive and easier to understand. If you have any suggestions on how to improve this further, pass them along to me.

More coming next Monday — and a grand welcome to the 34 new users from this week!

-Christian Vanek
Lead Developer

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  • gaylene

    Do you have field validation for email addresses or other info?

  • http://www.surveygizmo.com Brittany Heidtke

    Hi Gaylene,
    Yes, we do offer email address and date validation off of open text questions. We also offer RegEx examples and the ability to write your own validation starting at the Personal level.

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