Video Survey Embedding and Webcam Surveys: In the Works at the Dev Lab

The SurveyGizmo Developer’s Lab continues to roll on…(for those of you who don’t remember, Dev Lab is two weeks during the summer where we turn our developers loose to work on new features and improvements that they feel passionate about. Anything they’re interested in is fair game. Dev Lab gives our devs the opportunity to step outside of their normal roles and create some awesome new survey tools).

Last week we told you about Matt’s Google Maps survey tools, which allow you to embed maps and geolocation-related survey questions and reporting into your surveys. Today, let’s talk about video.

Not one, but two of our developers are working on video-related survey tools during Dev Week 2011. Ranging from video embeds to webcam support, we’re about to have a ton that you can do with video and images.

Webcam Capture

Ryan Hadley, a SurveyGizmo SysAdmin, is working on a video capture survey question type. Using the webcam of your survey-taker’s computer, it allows you to capture still images of people responding to your survey.

The video capture tool works using Flash, since HTML5 does not yet have the ability to call and pull data from a remote webcam. It’s got a simple, easy-to-use interface that allows respondents to see the picture they’ve just taken before submitting it.

We see a lot of interesting (& fun!) uses for this tool – one obvious use is identity verification of the person taking the survey. For job application surveys or similar survey types, it will allow you to attach a face to a name. Or how about a customer service survey – “Show us the face you made after your support call!”

Youtube Video Surveys

Meanwhile, Anthony Hildoer, one of our Sr. PHP Developers, is working on a tool that lets you embed Youtube videos in your surveys.

Except it’s a little bit more than that.

In addition to simply embedding a video, Anthony has made this question type into an interactive experience. You can set start and end parameters, and get feedback on a video clip, in a few different forms:

  • Click the spots on the video that stand out
  • Add comments to different sections of the video
  • Thumbs up/thumbs down responses at different times
  • …and more.

Reporting actually winds up being the real challenge with this survey question type, because there’s a ton of data to combine and analyze. The reporting Anthony’s working on will allow users to analyze survey-taker’s feedback based on time, image, and more. If you add a video question to your survey, you’ll be able to tell which points in the video are the most well-received, which are dull, and even get feedback in your survey-takers’ own words regarding the points when they clicked.

Obviously, this question type will allow you to do a huge amount with video in your surveys, ranging from simply displaying a disclaimer video to requesting specific feedback on a video clip.

Awesome! So When Will They Be Released?

We’re looking forward to having these out in the near future. Stay tuned to the SurveyGizmo website and blog for more details.

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