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Survey Template Example Screen Shot

Mission Satisfaction Survey Example

Topics:Logic Survey Theme:Tape
Jerry's first group of space tourists just returned from orbit, and he wants to know what they thought of their journey. In this post-event survey example, we'll see some of the logic features Jerry used to direct respondents through different paths in his survey based on the answers they give.
Highlighted Features
  • Question Show/Hide
  • Question Piping
  • Page Jumping
  • Option Piping
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Employee Satisfaction Branding Screen Shot

Employees - The Real Stars of the Show

Topics:Actions Survey Theme:Zen
People are loving Cosmic Adventures! Now, it's time to make sure its employees feel the same way. In this survey example, employees provide satisfaction data, and their responses generate an overall happiness score. Finally, you will get an email with responses and score upon completion (don't worry, your email is gathered for demo purposes only).
Highlighted Features
  • Send Email Actions
  • Scoring Options
  • Custom JavaScript
  • Real-Time Poll Charts
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Customizing Survey Design Example

Cosmic Adventures Survey Branding

Topics:Branding & Design Survey Theme:Customized!
Cosmic Adventures, the new company offering visitors a cruise in outer space, is beginning to lift-off! The owner, Jerry, wants to customize a survey theme so his customers will experience a smooth transition between his website and surveys. We’ll follow Jerry through the steps he used to turn his registration form into a branded masterpiece!
Highlighted Features
  • Color Customization
  • Logo Placement & Sizing
  • Customized Fonts
  • Adding Images With Our File Library
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Survey Branding Example Screen Shot

Moon Boots: A Meteoric Success?

Topics:Question Types Survey Theme:Jet Fuel
Jerry designed a set of Moon Boots that allow wearers to float around like they were in low gravity! The first shipment just went out - now he wants to run a product feedback survey to learn what his customers thought about them. He's going to use a variety of SurveyGizmo's question types to get the information he's looking for.
Highlighted Features
  • Multiple/Single select
  • Text Inputs
  • Ranking
  • Tables of Questions
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