Course Evaluation Survey

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Course Evaluation Survey

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Do you know if your course met your students’ expectations?

Are you looking for ways to improve your course? Use Course Evaluation Surveys to measure satisfaction and discover ways to make improvements for your course materials, instructors and the course overall!

A course evaluation should be relatively short in nature, but if you feel like you can hold the respondents attention for an additional page, it is always beneficial to add some demographic based questions. The responses to these questions will help you segment and group the data when analyzing your results.

Regardless of your survey goal, you will need to identify which course each respondent is evaluating. You can do this with a drop down menu listing all courses for your respondent to pick from. If your list is quite long, you may want utilize an open text-box question with the auto-complete function. With SurveyGizmo you can paste your auto-complete list into the advanced tab, so when you type the first letter of the course you are looking for it auto-populates your options.

Our interactive reports are real-time and make it easy for your to review your data. You can also filter your results by an answer option to delve deeper into the results.

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