Student Survey

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Student Survey

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What can your students teach you?

Do you have to survey your college-level student population? Are you looking to survey all college bound students in your own state? Then you are looking to field a Student Survey. With these surveys, you can identify areas that cause happiness and frustration for students and you can make the appropriate changes in order to foster growth and improvement.

Survey Questions

The questions that you use in your Student Survey will be dependent on your survey goal.

If you are surveying a group from a set list of universities or colleges, you may want to have the respondent select the name of their school and then use a merge code, also called simple piping to make the following questions more relevant to the respondent.

Student Survey Template

We have provided some basic survey templates for you to use as a starting point. You can customize these to meet your needs. You can see our pre-built Student Survey template that comes standard with paid accounts at the top of the page. Please note that all of our templates can be used with any survey design theme!

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