Employee Satisfaction Survey

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Employee Satisfaction Survey

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They seem like they’re happy enough… right?

So you’re ready to solicit feedback from your employee’s through an employee opinion survey. Measuring employee satisfaction is a vital practice that can greatly aid in identifying crucial areas of improvement.

Survey Goals

Prior to conducting an employee satisfaction survey, leadership must first establish agreed upon survey goals. Explain the intent of the survey. Having a clear reason for conducting the survey will ensure that employees don’t begin to gossip about intent. Have leadership and managers proactively speak about why the survey is important and what they plan on doing with the data after it is collected.

Survey Examples and Templates

We offer several templates to help you get started on your employee satisfaction survey. Our templates are totally customizable so go ahead and add your company’s logo, colors, etc. Or, if you prefer you can start from scratch – it is easy and we are here to help you along the way.

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