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Online Event Registration Forms allow you to easily add signup forms to your website to collect RSVP’s and track attendee information. Our Event registration forms are so easy to create, you won’t need a programmer or IT’s help to embed it. Simply cut and paste!

Regardless of the size or type of event you are hosting, our survey forms make it easy to collect the registration information you need to make your event stellar! Whether you need to collect RSVP’s or you want a systematic way to track registrants and gather attendee information, an event registration form adds ease and organization to the event planning process.

Form Goal

Event registration forms allow event coordinators to acquire attendee information and maintain an organized guest list, making the event planning and resource allocation easy.

Event registration forms can be used for any event including:

  • Class Registration
  • Seminar Enrollment
  • Tradeshow Exhibitor Sign-Up
  • Tradeshows Attendee Sign-up
  • Corporate Conferences Registration
  • Company Excursions
  • Happy Hour Sign-up
  • Dinner Parties RSVP
  • Book Clubs RSVP
  • PTA Sign-Ups

Use an event registration form to organize a weekend ski trip with friends, or when coordinating a large corporate conference. Regardless of the size or type of event, our registration form will help you manage your RSVP’s more efficiently and distribute resources appropriately.

In addition to tracking the guest count, you can use the event registration form to gather valuable planning information, including guest’s preferences, demographics and expectations to help you make informed decisions about your event.

Form Questions

When designing your event registration form, think about the type of information you need to collect. For instance, do you need a simple signup form, or do you plan to collect other information that will determine event factors such as location, food and entertainment.

A simple signup form will ask your attendee standard questions including:

  • Name
  • Title
  • Organization
  • Address
  • Email Address
  • Phone Number
  • Website
  • Contact Preference

Click for an interactive Seminar Registration survey demo

If you plan to collect input from your guests to assist in the event planning stages, you might ask what type of food and beverages they prefer or which speakers the registrants are most excited about.

You can also ask questions such as where the attendees heard of your event. This informs you as to which of your marketing efforts were most successful. In turn, this can help increase attendance at future events and save resources by cutting unsuccessful marketing in the future. This is also an efficient and systematic way to track if someone has signed-up due to a referral.

Using our survey quota feature, you can control the amount of people who sign-up for your event. For example, if you are holding a seminar and want to ensure that no more than 50 people register, you can set your form to close when you have reached the maximum guest count.

Use our survey action feature, to trigger an auto-generated email, thanking the respondent for signing up and confirming their event registration details such as the date, time, location, directions, contact info and more. It serves as a great reminder and reference tool for the attendees. Using an auto-email responder, an email can also be automatically sent to the event coordinator to alert them to an addition in their guest list.

Survey Example

SurveyGizmo has created an event registration form template prepopulated with questions to help get the registration process started. This template can be easily customized to meet your needs and can be branded with your corporate logo and style.

Click for an interactive demo of a pre-built template with a custom logo

Survey Distribution

There are many ways to distribute your event registration form. You can share it through email, directly embed it on your website or blog, or even deliver it through Facebook or twitter. Distributing, collecting and viewing your data become simple and organized with a SurveyGizmo Event Registration Form.

Survey Reports

SurveyGizmo provides several reporting options to access information collected through your event registration form. The summary report allows for easy viewing of names and contact information like email addresses.

Click image to demo this interactive report

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