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SurveyGizmo is among the most easy to use, best priced, feature packed internet survey software packages I have seen. And I’ve seen a number of them. I highly recommend it.” Read full review by MarketResearchTech (logo)

For its roundedness, attractive and simple navigation and best free package, we would choose Survey Gizmo as the best of the free online survey tools…”
SurveyGizmo also has been concentrating their efforts to be the most accessible survey tool in the industry longer than any other survey company. Read full review by (logo)

TechSoup held a webinar on “Creating Effective Online Surveys”. In combination with this webinar they also created a complete survey tool comparison chart which compares SurveyGizmo with a number of our competitors. View the Survey Tool Comparison Chart (logo)

The most exciting thing I have found with using the service is that you can design your survey very quickly; as they have a great interface that is intelligent about the questions you are asking and can often pre-fill the appropriate responses with the click of a mouse.”

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The administrator interfaces in SurveyGizmo are a model of usability. Interfaces are clean, navigation elements are easy to find, and “flow” through the creation process seemed to us more intuitive than any of the other survey tools.” Read full review by Ohio State University
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Because we found an accessible tool, we stopped our search and deployed a survey with SurveyGizmo. Survey creation and activation was simple, and the results were easy to gather. But most importantly for us, our users with disabilities reported no difficulties in accessing, completing, and submitting the survey.”Read full review by (logo)

The SurveyGizmo interface is full of tasty Web 2.0 goodness…they have a full API! In particular, I’m excited to see that you can pass information into a SurveyGizmo survey from another web form or via a web link…” Read full review by (logo)

SurveyGizmo aren’t lying – they do offer powerful and easy survey solutions. Even with the free service you can easily create professional surveys that will allow you to better understand what your readers want from your website” Read full review by (logo)

SurveyGizmo is CONSTANTLY upgrading the software and they take our suggestions VERY seriously which is very rare for any company to do” Read full review by (logo)

For seamlessly integrating a survey within a website I can’t find any other product CLOSE to SurveyGizmo – especially at the price (free)!” Read full review by Scotia Systems (logo)

I stumbled upon SurveyGizmo, which really surprised me with a long list of features I wanted in an online survey tool at a very low cost.”Read full review by Relevant Insights