Custom Table Question Type

What is this?

This question type allows you to mix different question types into one table. Question types that can be added include radio buttons, checkboxes, textboxes, and dropdown menus.

How would you use this?

Custom Tables are aesthetically pleasing, and allow you to arrange many related questions in one table. A good example of when you could use a custom table question is if you want someone to select something like a class they took from a drop down menu and then tell you what they though about it using a radio button question, and then tell you if they would take it again using a checkbox question.

Custom Table Survey Question

How does this Report?


Reporting Example


In a Summary Report, the custom table breaks each row and field of the group up into its own element. Each element will then be treated as their own question type (so radio buttons can be viewed as pie, bar or table, and textbox can be viewed by appendix, etc). To view an example report, please see: Tutorial: Question Types: Custom Table

Exporting Example


In our CSV/EXCEL exports, the custom table will treat each sub-table in a custom table as a separate question. This way, you will receive unique reporting values for each column. Within those columns, it will display with the row title first, then sub-question title, then the overall table question.

Custom Table Survey Export

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