iPhone Surveys

What is this?

SurveyGizmo allows you to easily create iPhone surveys using our survey software! There are 3 easy ways to launch an iPhone survey using SurveyGizmo:

iPhone Surveys

  1. Just create a normal survey. All our survey themes are iPhone-compatible – just select any default survey theme and publish it like you normally would, and you’re good to go! Your respondents will be able to take your survey using their iPhone (or any mobile device).
  2. Use an iPhone-specific theme. We’ve also designed several iPhone survey themes specifically to fit the formatting requirements of an iPhone. While all our surveys work on the iPhone by default, our native iPhone survey theme formats elements in a way that’s more accessible to a touchscreen interface.iPhone themes are available to all our customers by default.To create an iPhone survey, all you have to do is set up your online survey in SurveyGizmo like you normally would. When you go to the “Look and Feel” section to choose your survey theme, just select the iPhone-and-Android-friendly theme, and you’re good to go! Your survey will be automatically formatted to work on the iPhone’s native browser.(Don’t like the colors in our iPhone theme? Don’t worry – you can also customize the iPhone survey theme to your heart’s content.)
  3. Use our mobile survey auto-detect feature. If your respondents won’t be exclusively taking your survey on an iPhone, you may want to create two versions of your survey: one optimized for normal browsers, and one optimized for the iPhone. When someone arrives at your survey using an iPad, iPhone, or other mobile device, our software will detect their browser and serve up an alternate version of their survey.

When would I use this?

Use our iPhone survey themes whenever you want to conduct a survey or research study using an iPhone or iPod Touch. It’s great for field research, or to conduct live surveys at events (such as trade shows).

In addition to standard iPhone surveys, you can also use iPhone surveys in conjunction with our Kiosk Surveys feature to collect multiple responses from various users.

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