Offline Surveys

What is an Offline Survey?

In addition to being an amazing online survey tool, SurveyGizmo also lets users collect data without internet access! When you go to publish your survey, you can create offline iPad surveys, Android surveys, and other mobile surveys with the push of a button.

By using an offline survey, you can collect data in remote locations, or anywhere you don’t have a reliable internet connection.

When would I use an Offline Survey?

If you ever find yourself needing to collect data in a location that doesn’t have internet access, an offline survey will make your job easier. You can load and distribute an offline survey on a laptop, create offline iPhone surveys, or use them on any other mobile device.

By publishing a survey using our offline survey mode, you free yourself from the limits of WiFi, and allow yourself to collect survey data in any location, no matter how remote.

How do Offline Surveys work?

When you go to publish your survey, you’ll notice a button that says ‘Offline Survey.’ Just click it, and you’ll get a link. Load that link in your browser, and you’re all set to collect data. If you go out of the range of WiFi or unplug from your Ethernet cable, you can still collect data using the survey.

Our offline survey feature will store all collected responses until the next time you connect to SurveyGizmo. When you do, you can upload your data with the click of a button and analyze it using our reporting tools.

You can use offline surveys on an iPad, an Android phone, or a desktop computer or laptop computer – as long as the device has a modern web browser that supports HTML5, you can use it to collect survey data offline.

For more information, see our Offline Surveys tutorial.

What are some other ways to use Offline Surveys?

You can use our offline survey feature any time you’re working from a remote area, or where you have limited access to the internet. Here’s a few ideas:

Basically, anytime you’re lacking an internet connection, you can use SurveyGizmo offline surveys to collect survey data.

(Trust us – it’s a lot easier than pen and paper).

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