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Want better data? Ask the right questions.

From radio buttons to Likert scales to allowing respondents to upload files, our massive library of survey question types lets you gather just the data you need. You can even build your own question types using our Custom Question API.

  • Online Survey Questions

    Dozens of Question Types

    Get the data you need by asking the right questions. Use Drag & Drop Rank Order Questions and Likert Scales to gather opinions. Calculate a sum in real-time using Continuous Sum questions. Ask respondents to upload files. No matter what data you need, we have the question type for your form to collect it.

  • Custom Survey Questions

    Include What You Want

    Need to include extra instructions on your survey or form? Want to add an image? We make all that easy. And if you know CSS, you can change the styling of individual questions using custom CSS classes. It’s your survey question – style it however you want.

  • Survey Software Question Customization

    Add Restrictions

    Sometimes your survey takers need a few extra guidelines. Whether you need to make questions required, limit the number of words in an essay question, or even disallow certain file upload types, SurveyGizmo lets you add restrictions to your questions so you get exactly the answer you’re looking for.

  • Build Custom Questions

    Custom Questions Builder

    We recognize that sometimes you need to ask very specific questions. That’s why we built our powerful custom scripting functionality into SurveyGizmo. From within SurveyGizmo, you can use our integrated Developer Toolkit to build your own custom question types and meet your specific data collection needs head-on.

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