Likert Scale / Rating Question Type

What is this?

A Likert Scale allows the respondent to rate a question on a scale of choices such as “1 to X” or “very unhappy” to “very happy.” These choices are shown horizontally by default, with labels above or below each choice, but you can customize them to display vertically as well. Typically, the reporting value is numeric for analysis purposes, but you can leave the reporting value as alphanumeric as well.

When would I use this?

A likert scale is great for allowing respondents to rate a specific item. If you need to have your respondents give you an opinion on a particular item, the likert scale is a great choice for both it’s visual aesthetic quality, and for it’s ease of use. For example you can ask the respondent how much they agree or disagree with a statement on a scale from strongly disagree to strongly agree.

How does this Report?


Reporting Example


Within Summary Reports, the likert scale question can be represented as a table, pie chart, or bar chart.

Liker Scale Survey Report


Exporting Example


Within our CSV/EXCEL exports, the data is presented in a single column within the spreadsheet.

Likert Scale Survey Export


Special Features


Likert Scale questions also offer special options such as the ability to show/hide a question later in the survey based off of the Likert Scale answer.

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