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Your data is safe with us.

We believe survey software is only as good as its infrastructure. Because we deliver online surveys, email services, and analytics tools in real-time, we’ve built SurveyGizmo with redundancy, security, and performance in mind.

  • Secure online survey software

    Data Security

    Our data centers are monitored 24/7 by an experienced team of engineers and backed by strong service level agreements. We offer data redundancy through replicated databases and secure offsite backups. Our survey software is also PCI-compliant.

  • large or small online surveys

    Scalable Infrastructure

    SurveyGizmo is designed for maximum scalability and high availability. Our survey software can easily handle more than 1 million surveys per day, and is designed to peak at 1 million per hour as-needed. We employ redundant firewalls and load balancers to protect against intrusion and surges in traffic volume. We also offer a 99% uptime guarantee for survey takers and application users.

  • private surveys


    We go out of our way to protect the privacy of your data. As a HIPAA Business Associate, our survey software allows you to create HIPAA-compliant surveys. Need a business associate agreement? Just ask. (We’re also Safe Harbor-certified for those of you in the EU, so your respondents’ personal data is safe with us.)

  • survey phone help

    Peace of Mind

    In addition to our 99% uptime guarantee, we offer an emergency line that lets our customers call us anytime. See a problem? Call us. After hours included.

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