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Let the software do the heavy lifting.

Want to send an email at a certain point during your survey, or have your survey respondent review their answers? Want to automatically push data to one of our many integration partners? Our intelligent survey actions let you do it with one click.

  • Automatically Email Survey Results

    Automatically Send Emails

    Make email an integral part of your surveys. Create an action to email survey results to your respondents, or send yourself an email whenever someone completes your survey.

  • Survey Software Hidden Values

    Track Hidden Values

    Sometimes you need to pass along values that aren’t relevant to the respondent – things like invoice numbers or customer ID’s. By creating a hidden value, you can include that information in your surveys and pass it through to reports – without ever displaying it to the survey taker.

  • Quiz Results Software Actions

    Calculate Results in Real-Time

    SurveyGizmo can calculate results on the fly – making it ideal for building online quizzes. We offer both pass/fail quizzes and magazine-style tally quizzes – both of which grade responses in real-time and give the respondent a score when they finish.

  • Survey Software Integrate

    Integrate with Outside Data

    Use your SurveyGizmo surveys to update your internal databases! Our HTTP Connect functionality allows your survey to automatically push and pull data from outside sources.

  • Custom Survey Script Actions

    Create Your Own Actions

    Don’t see an action you need? Use our custom scripting features to extend the reach of your survey. Tell your survey exactly what you need it to do…then sit back and watch it work.

A few more survey actions:

  • Create Survey Software Poll Charts

    Poll Charts

    Display a chart of poll results to respondents in real-time

  • Hidden Survey Values

    Hidden Values

    Pass hidden values through to survey reports

  • Save and continue online surveys later

    Save and Continue

    Email your respondents a unique link so they can pick up where they left off

  • Survey Software URL redirect

    Redirect Browser

    Redirect survey takers to a website of your choice

  • Send survey emails

    Send Emails

    Automatically send emails from any part of your survey

  • Use Passwords online survey software

    Survey Login Options

    Password-protect your surveys

  • anonymous online surveys

    Anonymous Responses

    Make your surveys fully anonymous for respondents

  • recaptcha for online surveys

    Captcha Support

    Verify that your respondents are humans

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