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Decorate however you want.

Our robust branding features give you absolute control over the look of your surveys, the colors, the images – even the survey URL. Use one of our pre-made survey themes, or start from scratch. Embrace your inner survey artist. Make it your own.

  • Design Surveys Online

    Design Beautiful Surveys

    Our fully-customizable XHTML & CSS survey themes make it easy for anyone to build professional-looking surveys. If you’re an advanced user, we give you access to our themes’ CSS and HTML, so you can change almost anything.

    (You can even paint flames on the sides, if that’s your thing. But we don’t really recommend it.)

  • Brand Online Survey Software

    Promote Your Brand

    Every survey is an opportunity to reinforce your brand – so why use the same stuffy, pre-built theme as everyone else? SurveyGizmo lets you upload your logo, manipulate survey colors and fonts, and even customize the buttons in your survey to match your brand.

    (We’ll even let you choose your own private survey URL, too, if you want.)

  • Custom Survey Software Messages

    Full Messaging Control

    Whether your brand is professional, snarky, or designed for kids, it’s got a distinct voice. That’s why every bit of messaging in SurveyGizmo is customizable. You can add instructions, re-write error messages, change the thank you page text, and more.

  • Create survey themes

    Save It for Later

    Store your custom survey themes in our theme library for later use so you don’t have to reinvent the wheel. You can store as many themes as you want, and come back to them whenever you need them.

    (And then go back and laugh at your old survey designs when you find them years later. Or be disturbed by them. Your choice.)

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