Twilio Survey Integration for SMS Surveys

SMS Surveys

What is this?

Our Twilio integration allows you to send out surveys through SMS messages that will arrive on your survey taker’s cellphone.

When would I use this?

Anytime that you interact with your clients by cellphone, you have an opportunity to survey them on various things (such as customer service, opinions, etc) by using that medium. If their phone accepts text messages, you can now send a text message with your latest survey for them to take.

Your Twilio Account

Our SMS survey features are powered by Twilio, an engine that provides a bridge between the digital world and the world of SMS text messages. In order to enable our SMS survey features, you’ll need to set up a Twilio account.

(Don’t worry. It’s painless. We promise.)

If you decide you’d like to get a Twilio account (or if you already have one!), please note that every text message that is sent out costs 1 penny. Twilio will allow you to allocate funds and add a credit card to the account to take care of this if needed.

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