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SurveyGizmo is a robust survey and data insights platform that empowers businesses to make smarter decisions.

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  • Gain insights from your customers to build better products.
  • Dig in to what will make your product more successful with segmentation and filtering.
  • Put constant feedback in front of the right people with project management software integrations, triggered emails, and custom web hooks.
  • Discover the best product feedback tool
  • Forecast market trends to stay ahead of your competition.
  • Use SurveyGizmo’s advanced panel integrations to surgically target your ideal respondents
  • Advanced market-research specific question types let you analyze MaxDiff, Cross-Tab and Conjoint questions without a data scientist.
  • Select the best tool for understanding
  • Ensure your customers receive an exceptional experience every time. Leverage real-time analytics to enhance your customers' buyer journey.
  • Collect qualitative, behavioral & pass-through data to understand your customers’ location in their journey.
  • Correlate feedback to positive or negative experiences so you know what to change, and what to keep doing.
  • Learn why SurveyGizmo is the best option
  • Gain actionable insights about the preferences, motivations, and buying behaviors of your consumers.
  • Act on those insights by making great, data-backed decisions and presenting fully customizable reports.
  • Select the best tool for research

Why SurveyGizmo:

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Insights for fast decisions

Gain real-time actionable insights to make smarter business decisions. We'll capture the right data at the right time and visualize it in a manner that helps you take action to grow your business.

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We don't charge per response

Most software platforms charge you for every survey response. At SurveyGizmo we provide flat prices with unlimited responses. We think it's wrong to charge per response.

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Out of the box advanced data collection

With over 300+ features and complete customizations, you have the world's most robust survey software platform at your fingertips. The sky is the limit on what you can accomplish.

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"SurveyGizmo has done an excellent job balancing the ability to do complex tasks with a feature-rich interface design that doesn't get in the way or require long hours of training to use effectively."

PC Magazine | 2018 Editor’s Choice Award

Seek data, discover insights & grow your business.

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