See the progress of your organization with assessments

Assessing your customers and employees on how they are consuming and understanding information helps you gauge where instruction may be lacking and what education is needed.

Determine where to bolster your efforts by using targeted assessments.

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Help your employees thrive with comprehensive assessments

To nurture, develop, and retain employees, choosing the right assessment for their unique situation is vital. Data from employee assessments aid in professional development and employee satisfaction, both of which boost the overall health of your business. Learn more on how to determine which employee assessment is the right one to help your workforce grow and flourish.

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For DISH, assessments are only one piece of the puzzle

DISH Network uses assessments to measure the effectiveness of their sales training and support teams. They decided SurveyGizmo was the correct assessment solution because of its high regard and robust set of capabilities to fit their needs. They quickly realized it gave them much more than assessments.

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  • Why DISH thought SurveyGizmo was the right solution for their challenges
  • How they moved beyond surveys and forms to automate critical business processes
  • Homegrown tools at DISH that SurveyGizmo was able to power and improve
  • The ability for SurveyGizmo to not only meet DISH’s expectations, but exceed them

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DISH Network – Above and Beyond

Trusted by tens of thousands of brands, the SurveyGizmo Platform offers an innovative way for modern businesses to solve complex problems.

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