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How to Use Email Segmentation to Improve Customer Survey Frequency and Effectiveness

Today, researchers and marketers are under a lot of pressure to survey customers more frequently and get answers faster.

At the same time, it’s getting more difficult to get responses from our customers. Survey response rates are dropping across virtually every industry.

In this article we’ll talk about sending out more surveys, but to smaller segments of your customer list.

Don’t Measure Customer Satisfaction – Ask For Actionable Feedback Instead

As far as I am concerned achieving a high satisfaction score doesn’t have any meaning for an organization. As a business owner, I prefer to think that all customers are potentially unsatisfied. Even if they are presently satisfied with our product, once we’ve improved it they will be unsatisfied with the earlier version. I consider…

Using Qualitative Exploration to Create Quantitative Surveys

Quantitative surveys have a flaw: How do you know that the questions you are asking represent the most important factors to the decision you’re making? If you don’t ask the right questions, or you skip an important factor it could lead to bad conclusions — or worse no conclusion at all. Here’s an example, imagine…

Likert Scale – What is it? When to Use it? How to Analyze it?

In all likelihood, you have used a Likert scale (or something you’ve called a Likert scale) in a survey before. It might surprise you to learn that Likert scales are a very specific type of survey question, and what you have been calling “Likert” may be something entirely different. Not to worry — researchers that…

5 Startup Myths: Advice from SurveyGizmo's Founder

Over the course of the summer I’ve spoken with several different groups about how to start and grow a business. While it’s been inspiring to meet so many small business owners in the Denver and Boulder communities, I’ve been surprised by the number of myths and mistruths I’ve heard mentioned in the discussions I’ve led. So I wanted to set the record straight.