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Enterprise Feedback Management for Midsized Businesses

As your business grows, chances are the bottom line doesn’t match up as closely as you’d like with the front line. What we mean is that face-to-face interactions happen less and less as a business grows, whether B2B or B2C, and customer retention strategies become more convoluted. This creates disconnect between you and your customers.

How to Get More, Faster From Sales Lead Research

There are many moving parts involved in the B2B sales process, and a lot of lengthy research involved in pursuing sales leads. Being as efficient as possible during the time allotted for sales lead research is crucial to your success as a salesperson.

How to Use Data to Humanize Customer Service

Automated customer service is nothing new–look at systems that automate telemarketing for example–but as more and more customer service interactions are handled by technology rather than human interaction, the paradigm shift’s negative effects are felt more heavily.

Branding Agencies: the Art of Sculpting an Image

We use the word “brand” so often that we tend to lose sight of what it really, truly means. You company’s brand is not simply its logo or its slogan. Rather, the brand encompasses the most important aspects of marketing: the message that you send to consumers, the framing and tone of your companies advertising method…