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(Infographic) Your Fantastic Survey Audience and Where to Find Them

You spent your valuable time writing, designing, and implementing your survey, but now it’s on to what can be the most difficult part: getting responses. Survey success relies on determining the right audience for your survey, reaching them, and collecting their responses. In short, you need to find out who your fantastic audience is… and where…

Where to Start With Market Research: Part 3 Choice-Based Conjoint

Choice-based conjoint is the most recent addition to the SurveyGizmo market researcher’s toolkit. Sometimes abbreviated to CBC, choice-based conjoint evaluates which attributes in a product customers value the most. This is done by presenting survey respondents with multiple variations of a product, each with a randomized combination of attributes. Over several questions, respondents are asked to choose…

Where to Start With Market Research: Part 1

You’re already sold on the importance of market research. You know that the best way to save money, save time, and drive true innovation within your company is to base your decision-making process on data that you collect about your exact audience and niche.

Top 7 Surveys for Exceptional Customer Service

Blaming sluggish sales or a poorly received product on an ill-turn of luck or a general market malaise relegates it to the “Oh well, we can’t do anything about that” category. When that happens, the situation is not going to improve on its own. Instead, what you need is to connect with your customers to…

Market Research: A Beginner’s Guide

Knowing how to conduct market research enables marketers to create new products, features, and pricing that speak directly to the needs of their customers. Sadly, most of us lack psychic powers. But we do have market research.