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Resource Alert: Build Better Products with Intelligent Product Feedback [EBOOK]

Gather and analyze customer feedback and collect actionable insights to improve your offerings Asking for and getting feedback on a new product or a soon-to-be-released product may seem like a no-brainer, but yet, many product managers fail to solicit feedback from both their team and customers early enough in the development process and throughout its lifecycle….

Every good leader knows when to hire someone smarter than them

You start with the best of intentions. You just got this great new software to help you collect the data you need. And while it may or may not be SurveyGizmo, it’s very exciting to have so much power and flexibility at your fingertips. When you get down to it, the possibilities are truly endless…

How 360 Reviews Foster New Business Skills and Growth

A new guide to help unfold the value of professional feedback from a comprehensive review, and how it helps your employees stick around longer is now available. A few years ago, CEO Christian Vanek sat down and wrote one of the best-performing blog posts in SurveyGizmo history – and it’s still getting all the spotlight….