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How to use the chi-square calculator for a simple 2 x 2 contingency table

  1. Fill in the group and category information.
  2. Fill in your values. These must be numbers.
  3. Choose a significance level
  4. Submit the table
  5. The table will output totals for the rows and columns, as well as the Chi-squared result. It will tell you if your result is statistically significant or not.

The Chi-Square calculator is a simple tool used to test statistical association between two categorical variables.

Example: Sex (male and female) and hand dominance (right-handed and left-handed).

Chi-Square Formula


Chi-Square Calculator Example

The Chi-square calculator is presented as a 2 x 2 contingency table with categories designated by the columns and groups designated by the rows.

Example: If you are collecting data on hand dominance, and wish to find out whether or not it is related to gender, you would place “Male” and “Female” as the two groups (rows) and “Right-handed” and “Left-handed” as the categories (columns).

Your first step should be to enter your group and category designations in the respective fields.

Once you have entered your designated groups and categories, the next step is to fill in your data values. Your data is categorical, so simply input the number of subjects observed in each cell.

Example: You will input the count for Males who are Left-handed, Males who are Right-handed, Females who are Left-handed, and Females who are Right-handed.

Choosing Your Significance Levels

It’s almost time to perform your chi-square calculation, but before you click the “Submit” button, you must choose a significance level. With our calculator, you may choose between a (0.1), (0.05), or a (0.01) level of significance.

  • (0.1) = There is a 90% chance your data is significant
  • (0.05) = There is a 95% chance your data is significant (usually the standard for Chi-square testing)
  • (0.01) = There is a 99% chance your data is significant

Get Your Chi-Square Statistic

Now click “Submit.” Your data will be calculated and your chi-square statistic will be displayed.

If the statistic is displayed in green, your data is significant (there is a correlation between your two variables).

If the statistic is displayed in red, your data is not significant (there is no correlation).

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