Spend Hours, Not Days,
On Vendor Risk Assessments

Get More Efficient with Your Vendor Risk Assessments

Lately, the sales team here at SurveyGizmo has gotten quite a few vendor risk assessments. Mostly they’re long spreadsheets that must take the customer’s InfoSec team as long to extract the data as it takes us to enter it.

Our InfoSec team worked with our Solutions team to create the SurveyGizmo Risk Assessment Solution to solve this exact problem. According to Desiree Robinson, Director of Information Security and Compliance at SurveyGizmo, this system – with its automated responses, workflows, and reports, takes days of work out of each vendor risk assessment.

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It Can Be This Easy

Collect Only the Information You Need 

Don’t waste time asking for and then sorting through information you need. Get the right feedback faster.

Compile and Report Results Automatically

Don’t wade through spreadsheets and questionnaires looking for answers that you have to transcribe. Let SurveyGizmo do the work for you.

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You can have your own Risk Assessment Solution up and running in just 30 days.

This isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution.
• You can customize the solution with your logo and colors.
• You can customize each assessment to meet your specific needs.
• You can adjust risk scores and create an audit trail of raw and residual risk for each vendor

Help your InfoSec team focus on being proactive, effectively managing, and mitigating risks to propel your business, instead of chasing loose ends.

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