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Testing the Water Consultation

About this consultation

What should assessment look like, and how should it underpin great teaching and learning? Have your say by completing the questions, and contribute to a national consultation that will shape the future debate around assessment.

This consultation comprises three short questions about your views on assessment, and some brief questions about you. It will take between 5 and 10 minutes to complete at most.
LKMco, an education and youth 'think and action tank', and Pearson are running this consultation with teachers, school leaders, parents, governors, pupils and anyone else interested in assessment to better understand concerns about assessment, and to identify ways of addressing them.
You do not need to be an assessment expert to answer the consultation questions! Because of the way the education system works in the UK, though, we want to hear specifically from people living and working in England.
We will store the data gathered from this online consultation securely. We will analyse the data, and write about our findings in our reports and other publicly available content such as blogs. If you say you are responding on behalf of your organisation, we may attribute your comments to your organisation. If you would like further information about the consultation, please contact us at

This survey is open until Friday 20th October 2017.
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