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2019 No Small Voice Survey

Welcome to the first No Small Voice Survey in 2019

Welcome to the first 2019  No Small Voice Survey.  We will be using this survey to expand our insights and recommendations based on previous surveys.  It will also be used to help provide context for a few grants we are writing.  We will be updating insurance satisfaction as well as digging deeper to understand  how access issues impact outcomes.  A few changes from last year - the survey is open for people living with T1D, T2D, and their care givers.  We would love to hear from you if you are not insured.  You can also take the survey if you are living outside of the US, but prizes will be limited to US participants. 

The majority of participants will complete this survey when the counter shows 33% complete.  The survey is estimated to take 20 minutes.  The actual time will vary based on your responses.  With enhanced security for questions may load slowly - data encryption takes time. 

To reward you for helping us, 5 lucky winners will be drawn at random to receive 1 of 5 Second Generation Amazon Echo Dots.  We will also provide 10 lucky winners a set of our Top Topics Journals.

Thanks for your support,
Brenda Hunter
Co-Founder, No Small Voice
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