SurveyGizmo for Security & Compliance

A Security and Compliance Tracking & Training Solution


Measure, track, and improve security and compliance culture.

No matter the size of your organization, creating a culture of ethics and security minimizes the chances of unethical behavior or security breaches. Creating the right culture starts with creating a system to assess, train, and track organizational compliance culture.

A platform that offers comprehensive and secure capabilities to create, track, and manage training and assessment programs is key to carrying out a successful compliance and ethics program. Easy to understand analytics also help you know where your organization needs to improve its processes to mitigate risk of compliance and security violations.

SurveyGizmo offers the ability to start an ethics and compliance program from scratch or optimize an existing program to meet the unique needs of your business.

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Collect Any Kind of Data

With 40+ question types, you'll always be able to structure your security and compliance efforts in the way that will yield the most product data.

Industry Leading Security

Your data is protected by the most stringent security measures, including redundant firewalls and continual security scans.

Full Design & Brand Control

Fully brand all of your surveys and the app itself to match your exact brand guidelines, including colors, fonts, and logos.

Advanced Reporting Capabilities

Our reporting engine allows for more than just seeing data. Take action and make better decisions with our comprehensive reporting options.


React to real data in real time.

Compliance data is too important to leave in a spreadsheet. You need data in real time to be able to see predictors of unethical behavior or security risks and catch them before they become actual events. Make your surveys do more than just collect data. Trigger actions in the real world using SurveyGizmo's comprehensive functionality.

  • Complete Program Control - structure your programs to match your unique needs and easily change any element of your assessments or trainings to take effect instantly.
  • Collaboration and Security Settings - Our role-based security settings allow for custom collaboration or restricted access across your teams and departments.
  • Email Actions - Trigger instant email notifications based on question answers and form completions to immediately follow up on concerning inquiries or answers.

Save time and take quick action with robust, automated reporting.

Where other software options require manually sorting through submissions, SurveyGizmo's integrated reporting tools make it simple to focus on individual responses or step back and look at the full landscape of security and compliance for you company.

Reporting capabilities include:

  • The InsightCanvas - the InsightCanvas allows you to put a narrative to your data so know exactly what action should be taken off of your data.
  • Segmentation - Compare responses between teams, departments, or divisions to see who needs the most attention.
  • Real Time Responses - Reports update as new data is collected, so you can react immediately to any concerns.

Company-wide culture out of the box.

Many factors influence the culture of security and compliance within an organization. SurveyGizmo can test each link in the chain, find weakensses, and help you improve quickly with our out-of-the-box survey templates.

Get started quickly with each of the following survey types:

  • Compliance Benchmark Surveys
  • Employee Readiness Surveys
  • Compliance Knowledge Quizzes
  • Employee Assessments