How to Use Customer Satisfaction Surveys the Right Way

Customer satisfaction surveys are the best way for businesses large and small to find out how customers really feel about products, services, and the shopping experience. But, unfortunately, not all companies use customer satisfaction surveys correctly. Instead of using survey data to identify areas of improvement for the entire organization, some companies use this same…

Personalizing Customer Service for 2017

Focusing on new business goals for the upcoming year is a crucial component for success. Setting reachable goals and benchmarks may involve numerous areas within the company. Some areas may only require minor changes. Others may require a completely new approach to meet the changing trends of the new year.

The Secret to Net Promoter Score? Time.

Every company, no matter its services, products, or abilities, relies on a positive reputation to stay afloat. Whether this perception is in the media, within an industry, or word of mouth among friends, a company everyone hates isn’t likely to stay open for long.

Enterprise Feedback Management for Midsized Businesses

As your business grows, chances are the bottom line doesn’t match up as closely as you’d like with the front line. What we mean is that face-to-face interactions happen less and less as a business grows, whether B2B or B2C, and customer retention strategies become more convoluted. This creates disconnect between you and your customers.

How to Use Data to Humanize Customer Service

Automated customer service is nothing new–look at systems that automate telemarketing for example–but as more and more customer service interactions are handled by technology rather than human interaction, the paradigm shift’s negative effects are felt more heavily.

Top 7 Surveys for Exceptional Customer Service

Blaming sluggish sales or a poorly received product on an ill-turn of luck or a general market malaise relegates it to the “Oh well, we can’t do anything about that” category. When that happens, the situation is not going to improve on its own. Instead, what you need is to connect with your customers to…