Learn to Drive Products With Survey Data

Download the New Belgium case study for an inside look at how they use surveys to create amazing craft beer.

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SurveyGizmo Success Stories:

New Belgium Brewery Ruling the Craft Beer Niche With Survey-driven Product Development

New Belgium's sensory lab uses surveys to measure, track, and analyze new products, giving them a uniquely data-driven understanding of their market.

We visited their team to learn how New Belgium is taking the craft brewery world by storm. In this case study you'll learn:

  • How (and why) New Belgium has taken their sensory lab from the basement to the driver's seat.
  • New Belgium's unique approach to creating their own panel of world class beer tasting experts.
  • How New Belgium has powered product development with survey data and objective analysis to become the fourth largest craft brewery in the U.S.

Download this exciting, unique case study to learn more about how survey data can take your product development from reactive to proactive.