Better Student Surveys

From survey design to reaching your audience, this detailed guide covers it all.

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Surveying Students Successfully: A Complete Guide for Institutional Researchers

Students are one of the most challenging groups to reach. Institutional researchers who hope to create accurate data sets around a student population have a lot to deal with.

In this comprehensive 23-page guide we'll explore:

  • What channels really reach students across their academic careers
  • How to gain access to students when they aren't on campus
  • The best ways to improve my survey response rates for students
  • Adapting surveys to perform better on students' mobile devices
  • The balancing act of using survey incentives for student populations
  • Using surveys to measure the attitudes and awareness levels of prospective students
  • Increasing alumni involvement through survey programs

Design more student-friendly surveys, reach more students with each survey, and drive better results for your department. Download the Surveying Students Successfully ebook today.