Free Surveys, Questions,and Responses
You have questions and we’re here to get you the answers! Create and collect a limited number of surveys and reports with SurveyGizmo’s free online offering. Whether you’re seeking introductory ways to measure customer satisfaction, collect event feedback, conduct an employee evaluation, or create a signup form, we have basic survey templates to help you get started.
25+ Question Types
To get the best results, you need the right question types and we have them. With dozens of questions types including simple radio buttons, checkboxes, drop down menus and open text boxes, we have the perfect question type so that you can get the best results.
Reporting Made Easy
Our data visualization feature helps make sense of all the information you collected so that you can easily interpret the results and make sound decisions based off of them. You’ll want to share your results – your colleagues will be impressed with the insightful data charts!
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