3 Ways for Small Businesses to Survive Rapid Growth Periods

According to Harvard Business Review, companies move through five basic stages of growth from startup to mature business. Every business starts at step one: start up. But not every business makes it to the level that familiar brand names like Microsoft and Apple occupy. In fact, 92% of high growth tech startups fail before they…

The One Trick to Managing Millennials

What is it about the millennial generation that still has businesses struggling to adapt? Even though the oldest millennials are now in their thirties, there are still questions surrounding how best to manage, attract, and retain millennial employees. In a recent interview with Clutch.co, our CEO Christian Vanek shared what he’s learned about managing the millennial…

Your Guide to Understanding the Voice of the Employee

The founder of the Virgin family of corporations, Sir Richard Branson has been quoted as saying, “The best way to take care of your customers is to take care of the employees who take care of your customers.” For him, good customer service, which we all know is the key to survival in any business,…

Best Practices for Employee Feedback & Reviews

Company success is predicated on employee success, so savvy entrepreneurs and human resource directors are looking at comprehensive programs, policies, and procedures designed to build and cultivate that most important company asset: its workforce.

The 7 Pitfalls of 360 Reviews (& How to Avoid Them)

Companies and organizations have excitedly adopted the 360 review model as a viable means to provide employees with actionable feedback. While this model is designed to help employees develop new business and interpersonal skills, it can fall short if survey creators are not careful.

SurveyGizmo and 360 Reviews: An Essential Pairing

Getting performance feedback at work activates the same region of the brain as hunger and pain. That’s according to neuroscientist David Rock. People have a deep-seated desire to know where they stand in the world, but anticipating and receiving that input can produce angst.