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Your Data, Your Story

SurveyGizmo is one of the most powerful solutions available to collect data from across your organization - both internal and external. However, if you can’t effectively communicate what that data means to stakeholders, taking action will be extremely difficult - if not impossible.

Being able to tell a story with data and adapt its presentation to each consumer is crucial to using it to drive change. A single dashboard, no matter how much work goes into preparing it, will not suffice for all audiences. SurveyGizmo has data visualization options that make it simple to communicate exactly what story your data should be telling, from simple charts and graphs to the fully immersive, narrative-driven InsightCanvas.

The SurveyGizmo InsightCanvas

The InsightCanvas lets you determine not only what data is displayed and who it’s displayed to, but lets you determine the story that goes along with it.
What do you want the audience to see and feel? The InsightCanvas let’s you determine that, along with being:
Real Time

Real Time

Data being used in the InsightCanvas is living and breathing by being continuously refreshed. New data collected will immediately show so you have the most up-to-date information at every moment.



Pulling many reports, combining large volumes of data, and working with different data export types can be time consuming. The InsightCanvas automates response collection, calculations, and the display of data for all of your stakeholders.


Easily Digestible

The InsightCanvas makes understanding your data effortless. Simple and elegant visualizations reveal a comprehensive, yet straight forward view of your data so everyone can see exactly what action needs to be taken.



Not everyone in your organization needs to see the same data. The InsightCanvas allows you to tailor the data viewed by department, team, or even individual, so you don’t have to wade through data that is unimportant to your needs.

To see how the InsightCanvas can help you take action on your most important data, reach out for a demo today!

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