Integrate SurveyGizmo with Salesforce

Enhance your customer experience to grow your business

Salesforce Integration

Measure your CRM experiences to increase your bottom line.

Customers have little to no tolerance for bad experiences with a product or brand. In fact, 17 percent of customers will walk away for good after just one bad experience.

When you integrate your SurveyGizmo account with Salesforce, you can measure the efficacy of your CRM experiences and optimize your tactics to grow your business.

Collect Feedback

Enhance your customer experience

Automate customer satisfaction (CSAT) surveys in Salesforce to understand how your customers perceive your product, brand and overall service

Pull Data

Increase your bottom line

Gain actionable insights from your customers to optimize your sales strategy and drive more closed-won opportunities.

Capture Leads

Capture and Create Leads

Embed lead forms into a webpage and automatically route submissions into Salesforce, so that leads never fall through the cracks again.

Automate Workflows

Centralize data into a singular location

Push the data collected in SurveyGizmo to standard or custom Salesforce objects, making the data available to drive workflow rules, reporting dashboards, and more.