Everybody collects feedback. Few act on it. Here’s how to be one of the few.

SurveyGizmo takes feedback out of dashboards and pie charts and puts it to work immediately. We do this through pre-packaged solutions, like the Activated NPS Solution. We also enable the people who can act on feedback to create new workflows and processes that put that data into everything you do. Through the systems you use every day.

Integrations that go beyond sharing data

SurveyGizmo integrations are not just about sharing data. We focus on putting that data to work. So people get notified of things that matter to them through the channels and tools they already use. And our extreme flexibility allows business people to solve the problems they face, without requiring IT resources.

See how SurveyGizmo can help you make feedback core to your business by integrating it into your business apps. Complete the form, call 1-800-609-6480, or write to sales@surveygizmo.com today.

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Pre-Packaged Integrations

Ready-to-deploy integrations for popular enterprise solutions

SurveyGizmo offers plug-and-play integrations for popular enterprise CRM, business intelligence, and marketing solutions. If you want to bring your feedback into Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, Hubspot, MailChimp, Tableau, or many more, talk to us and we’ll get you set up. See our Integrations

Out-of-the-Box Solutions

Everything you need to go live, integrated with what you have

For specific integrations, SurveyGizmo offers complete, out-of-the-box solutions that include everything you need to put your feedback into action. These integrations work with multiple systems to truly deliver data to the people who can act on it using the systems they use every day. Download the Activated NPS Solution sheet

Build Your Own

Business professionals regularly customize SurveyGizmo to solve real problems

SurveyGizmo’s extensible architecture and low-code design empowers business professionals to integrate with enterprise applciations of all kinds – including custom applications. Read more about our Technology

Services and Consulting

We can also do everything for you

If you don’t have the resources, skills, or time to integrate your feedback into everything you do, we can help. Our training team can get you up to speed fast and our professional services team can create new integrations for you. Learn about our Services and Consulting