How to Build Enterprise Personas That Grow Sales

When you create an enterprise persona, you’re in effect turning a part of your customer base or target audience into a “person.” Thinking of your audience in this personified way helps you create content that connects with them and that they find useful.

From Good to Great: Improve Your Marketing Content & Measure Your Successes

How successful are your content marketing efforts? Do you know what type of content your audience values? Do you know how to measure the success of your content marketing efforts? Before you can measure your efforts, you first need to determine the desired result. What do you want your content to accomplish? Knowing your goal will…

5 Steps to Creating a Customer Journey Map

Customer journey maps can be a vital component of understanding customers’ experience when they interact with your business. Because they make customer experience visual, they can help you understand what your customers are thinking and feeling as they engage at every level with your company.

Why You Need Chi Square Analysis (+ Free Calculator)

Cross tabulation reports (called cross tabs) go a long way in helping to compare and analyze two questions and identify trends and patterns within your data… but determining statistical relevance is another matter. That’s where our Chi Square calculator comes in handy.

Branding Agencies: the Art of Sculpting an Image

We use the word “brand” so often that we tend to lose sight of what it really, truly means. You company’s brand is not simply its logo or its slogan. Rather, the brand encompasses the most important aspects of marketing: the message that you send to consumers, the framing and tone of your companies advertising method…