5 Collaboration Tools That Grow With Your Business

Every business starts out in one room. Whether it’s a garage, a spare bedroom, or a high top table at the local coffee shop, it’s easy to keep in touch with your collaborators when you’re just an arm’s length away. But as your business grows, staying connected becomes more and more difficult. Making sure everyone…

How Surveys Can Help You Get Stakeholder Buy-In

In any project, you need stakeholders – they’re the people who have a personal investment in your project or business. Sometimes this investment is financial, sometimes it’s not. The problem is that when people have an investment in your project, they can either be supportive or they can be roadblocks. What they become depends on how…

4 Tactics for Healthy Sales Data With Salesforce and SurveyGizmo

Imagine trying to buy a gift for someone you’ve never met. If you know someone who knows them, you might ask what the gift receiver would like to try and figure out the best gift to buy. Now imagine that the person you ask gives you incorrect information – unless you get really, really lucky,…

Google Says Your Marketing Needs Data…But Where Do You Find It?

Google recently made a great case for the claim that a strong media plan and a solid creative campaign aren’t enough for online marketing anymore. In the Think With Google article “Why Brand Marketing Needs a New Formula,” Google advocates for the use of data to make brand marketing campaigns connect with the target audience.

How to Get More, Faster From Sales Lead Research

There are many moving parts involved in the B2B sales process, and a lot of lengthy research involved in pursuing sales leads. Being as efficient as possible during the time allotted for sales lead research is crucial to your success as a salesperson.