Does SurveyGizmo Work with My Browser

We’ve made (and are continuing to make) huge upgrades to our application. Unfortunately, older web browsers don’t support many of the cutting-edge web technologies we’re continuing to implement.

In order to give our users the best experience possible, we’ve made the decision to begin offering an “older web” experience for users on Internet Explorer 7 and below in 2014, and focus on utilizing leading web technology built for modern browsers.

While SurveyGizmo’s core functionality will remain for users of Internet Explorer 7 and below, they will miss out on our most current application experience, including updated application styles and implementations designed for ease and quickness of use.

SurveyGizmo is powerful & professional online survey software

SurveyGizmo has every feature you need to get better data for deeper insights. For the same advanced features and professional services we provide, other survey software companies charge tens of thousands more. Try us and see how we compare. Here are a few of our features:

Can I still sign up for an account?

Of course! You can sign up for an account below, but we recommend that you use our application in a modern browser in order to have access to our latest and greatest features.

  • Unlimited responses
  • 28+ Question Types
  • Complete Brand Control
  • 20+ Publishing Methods
  • Live Phone & Email Support
  • Advanced Reporting
  • Email Campaign System
  • Branching & Looping