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Our Partnerships

Expertise, innovation, professional services:
We are proud of our network of Resellers and Solution Providers.

UK-based provider of online survey tools, HR feedback tools and ‘Reportal’ tools – all supported by expert project managers.


FUEL CYCLE is the leading market research and community intelligence platform preferred by Fortune 100 enterprises.


Sparq™ is the world’s most adopted Insight Community platform, powering 600+ brands with continuous customer intelligence.


Zones is a global provider of IT solutions from the top brands in data center, mobility, UC, cloud, security, and IoT.


IdealPath applies machine learning to take the tedious configuration out of marketing automation.


ResearchScape is a low-cost, high touch quant research partner, providing efficient access to strategic insights across a broad variety of subjects.


PCG is a full-service market research agency that specializes in leveraging technology for faster, smarter, and more cost-effective insights.


Hook Exchange is a leading provider to radio stations around the globe of song hooks and music testing technology.


Consult with people within specific geographic boundaries on PlaceSpeak, a location-based citizen engagement platform.


Find meaningful segments in your data with our software, consulting, and online courses. We are pioneers with MaxDiff, and latent class analysis.


Consultoría y asesoría de negocios en el área comercial, aumento de rentabilidad a través de disminución de costos e incremento en ventas.