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Partner with SurveyGizmo to bring the power of actionable feedback to your customers. We’re seeking forward thinking partners who share our passion for transforming how organizations capture and operationalize feedback. Join forces with SurveyGizmo to create a long-term partnership that drives mutual success and serious customer value.


Extend our collective capabilities.

The flexibility of the SurveyGizmo API makes it easy to embed, build on, build in, connect with, and resell. Our system is very extensible, so you can modify the parts of SurveyGizmo you want to get the feedback or results you need.

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Embedded Partners

Are you considering enhancing or adding a survey or feedback component to your solution?

Partner with SurveyGizmo to deliver a white-labeled experience within your user interface, integrate data and workflow, and create solutions that are customized to meet your needs. Implementing SurveyGizmo makes your application more powerful and competitive.

Services and Consulting

Do you have an innovative idea and need a platform to bring it to life?

Consultants and Professional Services organizations can deliver on their expertise with SurveyGizmo as their engine. This is the perfect opportunity to create, collaborate, and go to market together.

Reseller and VAR Partners

Do you help your customers access and operationalize feedback to drive critical business decisions?

If you provide world-class solutions for customer experience, workforce management, sales and service automation, practice management, or digital transformation, integrating feedback via SurveyGizmo can dramatically expand your portfolio.

Connector Partners

Want to build a connector between your platform and ours?

Deploy with our API and extensible architecture to connect critical feedback into your solution and/or import external data to pre-populate your survey or drive survey logic.


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