Rapid Insights with Quick Audience

When you need data-driven insight in hours instead of days, SurveyGizmo's Quick Audience can provide the feedback you need.

This rapid, reasonably priced system is a revolutionary new way to collect survey responses, and it's only available to SurveyGizmo users.

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Collect data in hours, not days

Collecting responses with a panel can take days or even weeks. But when you gather data using Quick Audience, you'll get nearly instant access to tens of thousands of potential respondents.

The process is quick and easy:

Create a survey

Create a survey in your paid SurveyGizmo account.

Choose the Quick Audience

Choose the Quick Audience option from our Share options.

Submit number of questions

Pay based on number of questions plus respondents.

Watch the data

Watch your response data roll in.

Quick Audience consists of all types of respondents, but there are no options to target people based on demographics. You'll get the best results when your questions are aimed at the general population.

The Writer

Andrea is setting up her editorial calendar for the next few weeks, and she's having trouble coming up with topics that will have a wide appeal. She creates a simple survey asking people to choose which articles they'd be most interested in reading. By including an open text question, she also gives people the ability to suggest related article ideas. In just a few hours, she has actionable, directional data that helps her create content that will resonate with real readers.

The Designer

John has three designs for a new landing page, and he's not sure which one to recommend to his client. The day before the meeting, he decides to grab feedback from an impartial audience, so he sends the three designs out via survey to the Quick Audience. In just a couple of hours, he has 200 unique opinions, and the preferred option is clear. He can now make a data-driven recommendation to his client, who loves the design and approves it without modification.

The Researcher

Justin is setting up a major study about buying habits and plans to spend a lot of money distributing it with a panel. But before he sends his survey to an expensive panel audience, Justin uses the Quick Audience to test question types and phrasing. The data he collects guides the final version of his research project, ensuring that his panel responses are of the highest possible quality.

Get opinions at a fraction of the cost

By accessing and using this page, you agree to the Terms of Use. Your information will never be shared.