Ring in the New Year with 24/7 Customer Support

Flynn Shelton
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Technical problems with software rarely happen on a 9–5 schedule. More often than not, you discover these little errors and hang-ups at the most inopportune times: late at night, early in the morning, over the weekend, and especially when you are traveling out of town for business.

It is during these times that you often need the guidance and troubleshooting of a customer support team the most, and it is also during these times that most support representatives are off the clock and unavailable.

We know how unbelievably frustrating this can be.

So, we’ve decided to do something about it, starting with our own support team. SurveyGizmo will now be offering 24/7 Customer Support in 2017!


Help When You Need It, No Matter the Time

Your time is valuable to you, and you are valuable to us. You don’t want to wait though the weekend to troubleshoot your surveys, and don’t want to find the time during your busy morning to solve issues with your reporting data.

Our customers love our support team, but there is one request we’ve heard again and again; you need all hours, round the clock support. You don’t want to wait, and you shouldn’t have to! Thats why we are implementing 24/7 customer support as our gift to you in the new year – no more waiting for Monday to roll around.


24/7 Assistance Tailored to Your Plan

SurveyGizmo’s full-time customer support system will be available to all paid accounts, and will feature a variety of different options.

All paid accounts will be provided:

  • Live online chat during the hours 8AM – 5PM MST/MDT
  • 24/7 email support from our dedicated customer service representatives for all users
  • Documentation
  • Community Help

In addition to these resources, Team & Enterprise accounts will have access to one phone support seat per account. This means, one user per account will automatically be able to pick up the phone and call our support team 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Individual user accounts can also have access to this new service and Team & Enterprise accounts can add additional phone seats if needed. Read more here.

All free accounts will continue to have access to:

  • Documentation
  • Community Help

No matter which paid plan you have with SurveyGizmo, starting January 17th you will have access to some form of 24/7 customer support – the dark ages are over!


On the Clock Support No Matter Where in the World You Are

Being in a different timezone can make reaching customer support representatives a daunting task – and sometimes virtually impossible. Whether you’re traveling internationally for business or a resident of a country outside the US, you’ll no longer have to worry about working with odd, inconvenient hours in order to get ahold of our support team.

With access to phone support, you can call in and speak personally with a member of our Support Team in order to troubleshoot your survey problems – no matter what time zone you find yourself in (or what the international call rates are).

No license? No problem. Email support has been upgraded to 24/7, so you have constant email access to one of our Support Team. Your work hours don’t have to change at all just because you’re in a different timezone – we’re right there with you!


On Demand Survey Solutions on Your Timeline

With 24/7 customer support at SurveyGizmo, your survey problems and troubleshooting can be addressed quickly, freeing up your valuable time for what really matters: your work. With our Support Team on call, you’ll never waste hours waiting for office hours.

“24/7 support is going to change the customer experience for the better in so many ways,” says  Celeste VaughnGonder, Manager of Customer Support. “This will make surveys run even smoother and allow our team to find solutions to any problems that arise.”

“Our goal is to meet your needs as a customer – every issue and suggestion you have is invaluable for ironing out the kinks of both our new 24/7 support system and the app as a whole. Remember, this was all done because of feedback from customers like you! Let us know how we’re doing – and how we can make your customer service experience even better.”

As we roll this new support system out on January 17th, we hope it provides you with an easier survey building experience. You’ll never be without a helping hand from SurveyGizmo again. That’s our promise.

After all, without you, there is no us.”

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