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3 Key Takeaways From Our Product Feedback Management Webinar

Ben Foley
2 min read

Download the full recording and presentation deck from the July 11th webinar led by SurveyGizmo’s CEO and Sensory Experts at New Belgium Brewing.

Co-hosted with Fort Collins, CO-based New Belgium Brewing, we hosted a live webinar on July 11th that highlighted the unique way the award-winning brewery incorporates product feedback into the QA process, to ensure consistency and quality in their delicious craft beer.

Here’s a quick overview of what the conversation included:

  • The benefits of actively using product feedback for your business strategy
    Product teams often view customer feedback on a product as a one-and-done event rather than viewing it as a helpful and continuous process, says Notejoy Founder and CEO Sachin Rekhi.

    • Maintain consistent quality experience feedback — continuous being the secret sauce to this. If you are not collecting product feedback continuously, effectiveness of the process decreases.    
  • The complete product lifecycle and how to grab insightful feedback throughout
    “We really want that beer that we have brought up through this entire journey to be as consistent as possible — it’s what the consumer expects. When they crack open a Fat Tire they want that Fat Tire to taste the same every single time.”

    • From ideation and user testing to product retirement, the kind of feedback collecting will impact the direction, success, and innovation of the product throughout the lifecycle.
  • How sensory science is fueled by product data and what impact this has on the end product  
    “We are using sensory and SurveyGizmo to close the feedback loop on how the product is doing,” said Schultz.

    • Sensory science, a common practice in the craft brewing, cosmetics and automobile industries, is a field of science that evokes responses in a highly controlled manner to ask specific questions. The sensory experts at New Belgium rely on this data collection method to get information about a product by using trained panelists as instruments for QA/QC and product development.
    • The data-driven and statistical form of science allows product managers to get information about purchasers by using consumers to learn buying habits, preferences, and furthers innovative developments.

To learn more from the product feedback management conversation between SurveyGizmo CEO Christian Vanek and Sensory Analyst Ali Schultz, download the recording and the PDF of the presentation.

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