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3 Reasons to Attend Our Brand Research Webinar on August 29th

Melissa French
4 min read

Tune in August 29th for a virtual session like you’ve never experienced.

Tricks of the Trade: Learn How to Supercharge Your Brand With Research

August 29th, 2017 from 1-2pm ET


The good old webinar. It’s a great way to learn about and be exposed to different perspectives on things happening in your industry, but it seems like every week your calendar is cluttered with webinar invite after webinar invite. It’s safe to say we have all been there.

At the end of the day, you have to be sure you’re devoting that hour to truly learning something that is going to motivate you to take action as soon as the session ends — that hour should be worth it, and not just another stale presentation that leaves you less motivated to do anything with all the information than before you joined the session.

So, what makes SurveyGizmo’s webinars any different from all the others competing for your time and attention? We’re glad you asked.

Reason #1

Webinar fatigue is high. That’s precisely why we strive here at SurveyGizmo to create a different experience — we search high and low for seasoned experts to participate on the panel and offer the audience a conversation they can learn from. On Tuesday’s session we have research experts from the U.S. Census Bureau and a leading market research firm from upstate New York, as well as a CMO that heads up marketing at a Chicago-based advertising agency. The conversation is going to open your eyes and mind to how to succeed in modern marketing by leveraging best-in-class research methodologies.  

Reason #2

You wouldn’t leave empty handed. After the webinar, you will find the following goodies in your inbox:

  • A free copy of one of our most recent eBooks on brand research: Adapting to the Digital Brand Landscape With Research.
  • Downloadable case study that examines how software firm Bynder uses survey collection to gather data for their yearly branding benchmarking report.
  • The full recording of the session with access to the presentation deck to go back to when you need it the most.

Reason #3

We’ve heard that webinars are not effective teachers (insert sad face here) and often times this is because “content isn’t tailored to the viewer, the virtual experience offers few opportunities to engage with speakers, there are no consequences if you don’t attend, and no reward if you do.” I’ve definitely attended flat webinars where I walk away feeling uninspired and like I wasted my time. Yet, these criticisms do not apply to SurveyGizmo webinars, and we aren’t just saying that.

  • These style webinars are specifically designed with our audience at the forefront. Before we determine speakers or set up the day and time, we make certain that the content offers true value. We ask our audience frequently (using surveys, of course) what they are seeking to learn more about. These webinars are anything but self-serving: we never sell our solution during these webinars. It’s simply not the place or time to say, “Hey! BUY OUR STUFF!” Rather, they are a platform to share ideas, continue conversations, and educate. We want you to walk away with something tangible to apply to your everyday so your job is easier.
  • Engagement is our number one goal. We want you to get the most out of the 60 minutes as possible and as such, we encourage you to ask all the questions you have, big or small. If you’re the super prepared type, shoot your questions over to us early via Twitter, on LinkedIn, or Facebook. We will compile all the questions that come in throughout this week and have them teed up for the panelists to address first during the Q&A session. While we only have one hour with you and a lot of ground to cover during that time, we will most certainly follow-up with you directly via email or social media to get your questions answers — so ask away!

There you have it — three solid reasons to add this webinar to your calendar next week. We sure do hope to see you there!

Tricks of The Trade: Learn How to Supercharge Your Brand with Research



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