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Above and Beyond (Case Study)

Ben Foley
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DISH unlocks the power of SurveyGizmo to create incredible value across its business.

DISH, through its subsidiaries, provides millions of pay-TV subscribers with the highest quality programming and technology, and the most choices at the best value. In order to streamline the efforts of various departments across the enterprise, the company has leveraged data solutions for years.

But it wasn’t until 2012, when DISH reached the end of their contract with their previous survey management solution provider, that the company decided they needed a more powerful, intuitive, customizable, and easy-to-use platform that would collect deeper data. They knew that the proper solution would ultimately enhance the efficiency and value of their Sales Training and Support Team. After evaluating various solutions, DISH chose SurveyGizmo for their data collection and assessment needs.

Sean Payton, a Business Operations Manager with DISH’s Sales Training and Support team, was in charge of selecting the best platform for DISH’s needs. SurveyGizmo stood out amongst other options due to its impressively vast feature set, powerful built-in logic capabilities, and its customizability, Payton told us.

“At face value, SurveyGizmo just seemed like the best tool,” Payton says. The decision, he claims, was an easy one.



The funny thing is that at the time, we had no idea just how powerful SurveyGizmo actually was, or how much value it would bring to our organization. – Sean Payton, Business Operations Manager, DISH

More Than Survey Management

After quickly ramping up with SurveyGizmo’s solution and exploring its many features, Payton had an epiphany. He wondered what would happen if DISH started harnessing the power of SurveyGizmo to capture data without administering  traditional surveys and forms. Payton saw no reason why he couldn’t create data-powered workflows that would automate a variety of business practices across the enterprise.

Payton continued to hone this idea over time, and several months later he found the answer to his questions while attending one of SurveyGizmo’s Ultimate Training Events. At the event, he sat with one of SurveyGizmo’s technical experts and took a deep dive into a handful of the tool’s more advanced features. Together, they were able to set up URL variables that would bring Payton’s theorized automated workflows to reality.

It was a real ‘aha’ moment. Suddenly, we realized just how much potential there was to use SurveyGizmo for all kinds of data collection. The wheels started churning, because the only real limitation was our imagination. – Excerpt from the Case Study

Payton and fellow Business Operations Manager Larissa Murphy, were able to figure out that if they matched the data being collected in SurveyGizmo with some of the company’s existing HR and sales data, they could build a variety of tools to help support and streamline the business. The key was integrating SurveyGizmo with a SQL (Structured Query Language) Database to help connect and manage all of the data, alongside a Tableau-powered customized dashboard.

“Creating these integrations was easier than you’d think,” says Murphy. “With a little basic coding on our part — much of which was publicly available online — we were up and running.”

Using SurveyGizmo to Power a Variety of Homegrown Tools

In addition to surveying thousands of people in the four years since adopting SurveyGizmo, Payton, Murphy, and others at DISH have used the underlying data capture and assessment functionality to create a collection of interesting tools spanning a variety of uses. These include:

  • Sales Training
    • SurveyGizmo automates many logistics of sales training for an organization similar to DISH. Not only does the data insights tool allow people to sign up for specific guidance, it also tracks a variety of data including attendance, topic, and geographic information. Plus, it automates numerous workflows.
      For example, when employees schedule a training, SurveyGizmo triggers printing requests for the corresponding materials prior to the course, and a follow-up email soliciting feedback after it’s over. This eliminates paper waste and gives the team the ability to constantly improve.
  • Hotel Recommendations
    • DISH employees who travel for work were interested in comparing notes about the best hotels in different locations given the company’s budget considerations. Eager to help, Payton and Murphy created an internal reviewing tool that, similar to Yelp, allows employees to share candid feedback about hotels that they’ve stayed in, directly with their colleagues.
  • Calendaring
    • DISH’s Sales Training and Support team needed a master calendar that it could use to coordinate company events, while also keeping track of individual employees’ time off requests. Using SurveyGizmo, SQL, and Tableau, the team was able to develop a custom, easy-to-use tool that everyone across the organization now utilizes.

“We’ve been able to do so much with SurveyGizmo for such a small cost. We’d be spending ten times as much to get the same functionality in another tool.” – Sean Payton, Business Operations Manager, DISH

Looking forward, DISH is aiming to build a content repository to house the company’s large amount of training materials.

“A colleague recently said how great it would be to have a content management system to manage all of these materials,” says Payton. “She was lamenting on the fact that she didn’t think that was in the cards, and I just looked at her and said, ‘Well actually, we can build something for you with SurveyGizmo.’”

Powerful Tools = Happy Clients

DISH has now been using SurveyGizmo for over four years. It’s an investment that has paid huge dividends, because it not only serves its originally intended purpose of managing surveys, but the platform has also made many other valuable projects and initiatives possible.

We couldn’t be happier with SurveyGizmo. It’s exceeded our expectations in every possible way. – Sean Payton, Business Operations Manager, DISH

Above and Beyond (Case Study)

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