August Data Center Migration

Christian Vanek
2 min read

Dear Gizmo User,

Starting this week, SurveyGizmo will be migrating our data and services to a new data center located in Denver, Colorado. For the most part this entire migration will take place behind the scenes — no need to change your survey deployment plans.

Our new data center is part of a larger change at SurveyGizmo. We have recently partnered with ViaWest (, an awesome managed services vendor that is located here in Colorado. From them, we have gained additional network, system and database administrators – in addition to improved network and database architecture!

There are some additional bonuses for the techies among you as well. We’ll now be using an intrusion detection system, offering data encryption, and we have state-of-the art firewalls and load balancers through ViaWest. All of this means a faster, more robust, and secure environment for your survey data – and a vastly improved experience using our service. Yay!

It’s extremely exciting.

In order to switch to this new data center we will have a short down period on August 22nd, as we make the final transition. This will be between the hours of 6 AM and 10 AM MDT. The outage should last only 10-15 minutes – but may last as long as two hours. (Naturally, we’re shooting for the 10-minute target.)

This move clears the way for rapid deployment of many features you have been waiting for! If you have any questions, please email me at

Enjoy the rest of your summer and happy surveying!

Christian Vanek
Co-Founder & CTO

UPDATE: We forgot to mention that there will be a note to survey takers that mentions that SurveyGizmo is temporarily offline for maintenance and will be back up shortly. Thanks!

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