Behind the Eight Ball: Healthcare is Struggling to Join the Data Revolution

Melissa French
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  • Our latest resource You Are Here: The Pioneer Days of the Relationship Between Healthcare and Data overviews the benefits and challenges associated with leveraging data as an industry business intelligence tool.
  • The eBook includes best practices on data visualization from BI leader Donald Farmer of TreeHive Strategy, who has over 15 years experience working with data on all levels at Microsoft and Qlik.  
  • Learn ways in which data is currently being leveraged for patient satisfaction, internal benchmarking, and community health initiatives.  

Despite the inherent innovation fostered in the healthcare industry, tapping into the proven benefits of using data to drive decisions and business efficiencies has been a surmounting challenge.

The battle between interoperability, HIPAA compliance, technology specifications, and the general know-how around data science makes implementing the practice as a business intelligence tool vastly perplexing.  

All being said, it’s a thorny issue facing both the administrative and clinical sides of healthcare. With roughly 30 percent of the data that exists today lives and breathes in healthcare, data shortage is not the issue. Data illiteracy is apparent when it comes to applying BI principles to rigid and structured model that healthcare operates from. This illiteracy is natural, and is part of the overall evolution process, yet, it’s still very much a challenge that needs to be overcome before any tangible change occurs.

The use of data in this arena has the potential to be game-changing and holistically revolutionary, but the reality is presenting new obstacles for the industry to address before any kind of universal overhaul begins.

In our latest resource, we unpack this wildly complex topic from three main perspectives: the patient, the provider, and the payor. It’s not a conversation to be had lightly, and it certainly is difficult to fit it all into one eBook, but we hope the resource will trigger the conversation to go further and keep moving in the right direction of innovating business and care models through the accurate and safe use of all kinds of data.  

Get your copy to start unfolding the conversation. Being on the heels of something big like predictive algorithm modeling and preventative health models that could change the way we as a society view and rely on the industry. It could be smarter decisions, tremendously high cost savings, and healthier ways of life.

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