Boulder, Colorado Wildfires in the SurveyGizmo Backyard

Scott McDaniel
1 min read

A fire started in Four Mile Canyon on Sunday and has more than doubled in size in the last day or so. Our local paper The Daily Camera has some video footage and pictures on their website that are worth a look to see the fire up close.

View Fourmile Canyon Creek in a larger map

The map pin on the left is where the fire is concentrated and the pin on the right is our office down in town. Luckily none of our staff or offices have been directly affected. The fire isn’t having an effect on running our business, but our hearts go out to friends we’re worried about. Several people at SurveyGizmo have friends who have houses in the burn path. Christian had a guitar lesson at the office last night and his instructor spent a lot of time looking out the window. He then found out she was uncertain if the house up the canyon she evacuated was still standing.

So please hold some good thoughts for our neighbors and firefighters. And a rain dance wouldn’t hurt either.

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