Canadian Data on Canadian Soil: New SurveyGizmo Data Center

Liz Millikin
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Data privacy is more important than ever before. It’s a fact of doing business. And every country has different standards – but the same overarching need to collect and analyze information to inform and improve business practices and research.

There is good news for companies based in Canada. Starting February 2017, SurveyGizmo will be launching a data center outside of Montreal, Canada. This means Canadian companies will now be able to use SurveyGizmo in full compliance and security under Canadian law.

To ensure the complete security of our Canadian customers’ data (and to obey international data and data processing agreements), this data exists completely separately from any American or European data.

Why Did it Take So Long to Launch Canadian Service – and Why Now?

SurveyGizmo relies on Amazon Web Services to supply the data storage that allows us to scale our service almost instantly based on user activity. That’s how we can collect data and process reports so quickly and at such a great price point compared to the competition.

The moment we had confirmation that Amazon expanded their Web Service platform into Canada, we jumped to be first in line. It’s finally here!

We set the process in motion to create a fully functioning SurveyGizmo system available for our Canadian customers, and it’s available now.

This means now you have access to one of the best online survey software tool on the market.


How Do I Open a SurveyGizmo Account for My Canadian Business?

It’s just as easy as opening an account for American or European use. Simply visit our Canadian site,, and sign up for an account as usual.

By signing up through the Canadian portal, your data will automatically be stored in the Canadian data center.

If you happen to already have an account through the American site, we are unfortunately not able to transfer accounts between data centers. This is to ensure the complete safety and security of your data and everyone’s data.

However, you are able to create a new account through the Canadian portal and transfer your previously collected data and any existing surveys manually. This can be a time consuming process, which is why our Professional Services team offers data migration service.

This data migration service is also available for those customers who wish to migrate legacy data from their previous survey software tool into SurveyGizmo.

Keep Your Data Secure (and Canadian)

The safety and security of your data is our top priority, which is why we are so proud to announce that SurveyGizmo is expanding to better serve our Canadian customers.

When your surveys and data are hosted in secure Canadian data centers, you are able to do business better – reassured that the information you collect is stored safely and confidentially.

We are excited to help empower Canadian individuals and teams working to make better, data-driven decisions that will positively impact their businesses.

For 2017, our sales team is offering added incentives to make it easier for you to migrate your company into a SurveyGizmo Team & Enterprise account. Get a quote tailored to your organization’s exact needs.

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